Medical Outreach in Enugu State Nigeria

Our Vision

To improve health, hope, and quality of lives of people in rural communities in Nigeria.

Our mission

To provide high-quality, longitudinal and comprehensive primary health care services that are easily accessible, readily available, entirely acceptable, and patient-centred to rural communities in Nigeria, all at no cost to all patients.

Who We Are

Oasis Community Health Foundation (OCHF) is a registered charity organization and a rural health improvement programme that aims to save and improve the lives of people in rural Nigeria. OCHF provides quality and comprehensive primary health care services that are free and readily accessible to rural communities in Nigeria. The indigenes of Amechi Uwani founded OCHF; the team implemented a grassroots malaria control project in the community titled Say No To Malaria in Amechi Uwani before transitioning to a registered charity.

What we do

OCHF clinic provides primary care services to patients. The new and ultra-modern health centre is equipped with appropriate laboratory equipment and a well-stocked dispensary unit. The resident physician and laboratory technician, along with nurses and other staff members, provide day-to-day medical care to patients.

All services at the OCHF clinic are free!

Visiting specialists: Pediatrician, Family physician, Obstetrician, Gynecologist, Ophthalmologist


OCHF clinic is equipped with relevant and standard medical equipment, units and personnel. All our services, both at home and in the clinic, are free. These services include:
  • Consultation with physicians.
  • Nursing services
  • Laboratory services.
  • Ultrasound services 
  • Pharmacy/Dispensary. 
  • Various relevant support from trained team members.
  • Community Health Promotion program
  • Global Health Innovation and planning 
  • Students’ internship and practicums
  • Research and academics.

Why we do what we do

Nigeria is a country in sub-Saharan Africa with a high disease and poverty burden, worse in rural communities. Primary health care services, when available, are expensive and can not be afforded by poor rural community people that must pay out of pocket. These make essential primary care services non-available and non-accessible in rural communities. 

Nigeria frequently ranks topmost on the global list for countries with the highest mortality rate from the three most common killer diseases of children in the world: pneumonia, diarrhea and Malaria. In some regions in Nigeria, the maternal mortality rate is as high as 10%, worsening child’s suffering and economic hardship for families.

Why us

​Current Projects

Currently we are running the Malaria Control Project in Nigeria: Say No To Malaria in Amechi Uwani Community

* Statistics as of October 2020

For more information on the completed Phase I and the upcoming Phase II, please click here



Medical Building, Oasis Community Health Foundation, Ndiaga, Amechi Uwani, Akwunanaw. Near St Jude Catholic Church.

Service Schedule

8:30 AM – 4.00 PM
Monday – Friday

Contact us

Phone: +2347038274816